ABDUL-MALIK, Ahmed The Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik New Jazz (Prestige) NJ 8266
AYLER, Albert New Grass Impulse A-9175 Green Label
AYLER, Albert Love Cry Impulse A-9165 Green Label,
AYLER, Albert The Village Concerts Impulse A-9336/2 Green Label, 2LP The Dedication Series Vol. VII
BRAXTON, Anthony In the Tradition Inner City IC 2045 rec. 1976
BRAXTON, Anthony w/ ABRAMS, Muhal Richard Duets 1976 Arista AL 4101 rec. August, 1976
ADDERLEY, Julian "Cannonball" In the Land of HiFi Speakers Corner/Mercury 36077
ADDERLEY, Julian "Cannonball" Somethin' Else Blue Note 1595 200 g
ADDERLEY, Julian "Cannonball" Autumn, Leaves/Allison's Uncle Blue Note/Classic Records BST-81535-45 Clarity Vinyl 45-RPM, 200 g
ADDERLEY, Julian "Cannonball" Things Are Getting Better Riverside/Analogue Productions AJAZ 1128 180 g/ 45 RPM
ADDERLEY, Julian "Cannonball" In Chicago Speakers Corner/Mercury 60134
ADDERLEY, Julian "Cannonball" In San Francisco Riverside/Analogue Productions 1157 180 g/ 45 RPM
ADDERLEY/WILSON, Nancy Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley Capitol SM-1657
AMMONS, Gene Blue Gene Prestige/Analogue Productions 7146 180 g/ 45 RPM
AMMONS, Gene Anice an' Cool Prestige/MoodVille/Analoge Production APJ 038   
ARMSTRONG, Louis Satchmo Plays King Oliver Audio Fidelity/Classic records AFLP 1930 200g
BENNINK, Han Lets Go Terp AS-16-LP w/ Brodie West, Terrie Ex
BAKER, Chet I Giganti del Jazz Curcio GJ-8 w/ Powell, Mulligan, Zoot Sims
BAKER, Chet Chet Original Jazz Classic OJC-087
BAKER, Chet Line For Lions StoryVille SLP4090 w/ Stan Getz
BAKER, Chet In New York Riverside OJC-207 (RLP-1119)
BAKER, Chet Chet Riverside/Analogue Productions APJ 016 180 g
BAKER, Chet Picture of Heath Pure Analogue/Pacific Jazz Records PJ 18 w/ Art Pepper & Curtis Counce
BAKER, Chet The Touch of Your Lips SteepleChase SCS 1122
BIRD, Charlie Midnight Guitar Savoy 1121
BLAKEY, Art/JAZZ MESSENGERS AB & Jazz Messengers Blue Note 4003
BLAKEY, Art/JAZZ MESSENGERS A Night in Tunisia Blue Note/Music Matters 84049 180 g/ 45 RPM
BLANCHARD/HARRISON NY Second Line Goerge Wein Collection GW3002
BROWN, Clifford Memorial Album Blue Note / Music Matters 509994-55470-1-0 / MMBLP-1526 180 g/ 45 RPM 2LP
BROWN, Ray Shades of Dring Cambria Records C-1016
BROWN, Ray Trio Solar Energy Concord Jazz CJ-268
BRUBECK, Dave Time Out Columbia 8192
BURRELL, Kenny Midnight Blue Blue Note / Classic Records BNC 4123S 200 g
CHAMBERS, Paul Whims of Chambers Blue Note / Classic Records BNJ 1534 180 g/ 45 RPM
CHERRY, Don Symphony for Improvisation Blue Note 28976 180 g
CLARK, Sonny Cool Struttin' Blue Note 1588 .
COLE, Nat King The King Sound Tivoli Audio TMLP 9000-3
COLEMAN, Ornette The Shape of Jazz to Come Atlantic SD 1317 180 g
COLEMAN, Ornette Change of the Century Atlantic SD 1327 180 g
COLEMAN, Ornette The Art of The Improvisers Atlantic SD 1572 180 g
COLTRANE/BURRELL Burrell & Coltrane New Jazz/ Analogue Productions 8276 180 g/ 45 RPM
COLTRANE, John Coltrane Prestige/OJC 7105
COLTRANE, John Blue Train Blue Note / Analogue Production 1577 180 g/ 45 RPM
COLTRANE, John Blue Train Blue Note ST-46095 180 g
COLTRANE, John Lush Life Prestige/Analogue Productions 7188 180 g/ 45 RPM
COLTRANE, John Traneing In Prestige/Analogue Productions LP 7123 180 g/ 45 RPM
COLTRANE, John Settin' The Pace Prestige/Analogue Productions 7213 180 g/ 45 RPM
COLTRANE, John Standard Coltrane Prestige/Analogue Productions PR 7243 180 g/ 45 RPM
COLTRANE, John Bahia Prestige/OJC OJC/Prestige 415
COLTRANE, John Soultrane Prestige/OJC OJC/Prestige 7142
COLTRANE, John Giant Steps Atlantic/Rhino 75203 Grey/AcusTech / 180 g
COLTRANE, John Giant Steps Atlantic/Rhino RHI 512581 180 g/ 45 RPM Bernie Grundman
COLTRANE, John Coltrane Jazz Atlantic SD-1354
COLTRANE, John The Heavyweight Champion Atlantic/Rhino RHI 7784 Box Set: All Atlantic Records
COLTRANE, John Africa/Brass Impulse/Speakers Corner A-6/IMP-6 180 g, rec. May/June, 1961
COLTRANE, John Impresions Impulse/MCA MCA-29014 1980 Blue, rec. November, 1961/ September, 1962/ April, 1963
COLTRANE, John Live at the Village Vanguard Impulse/ORG A-10 45-RPM/2LP, November 1 -3, 1961
COLTRANE, John Coltrane & Dolphy Favorites Jazz Bird JAZ-2006 Copenhagen, November 11, 1961, Stockholm, Nov. 19, 1962
COLTRANE, John Coltranelogy Vol. 1 Affinity AFF-14 Koncerhausen, Stockholm, November 23, 1961
COLTRANE, John Coltrane & Dolphy; Two Giants Together Jazz Anthology 30 JA 5184 180 g, rec. NY, Greenwich Village, 1962
COLTRANE, John Coltrane Impulse/GRP IMP-215 180 g, rec. April/June, 1962
COLTRANE, John Coltrane Impulse/ORG A-21 45-RPM/2LP, rec. April/June, 1962
COLTRANE, John Ballads Impulse/ORG A-32 45-RPM/2LP, rec. September/November. 1962
COLTRANE, John Ballads Impulse/GRP GR-156 180 g, rec. September/November. 1962
COLTRANE, John Paris Concert Pablo 2308 217 rec. November 17, 1962
COLTRANE, John Live in Europe 1962 Jazz Anthology JA 5242 Gratz, Austria, rec.November 28, 1962
COLTRANE, John Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album Impulse/Verve B0028317-01 March 6, 1963
COLTRANE, John Coltrane and Johny Hartman Impulse/ORG A-40 45-RPM/2LP, rec. March, 1963
COLTRANE, John Coltrane and Johny Hartman Impulse/GRP GR-157 180 g, rec. March, 1963
COLTRANE, John Live at Birdland Impulse 9027-50 rec. October 8, 1963
COLTRANE, John Coltranelogy Vol. 2 Affinity AFF-16 Koncerhausen, Stockholm, October 22, 1963
COLTRANE, John Crescent Impulse/GRP A-66 45-RPM/2L, rec. April/June, 1962
COLTRANE, John Blue World Impulse AIMP-15801 Recorded June 24, 1964 for Le chat Dans Le Sac soundtrack
COLTRANE, John A Love Supreme Impulse A-77 ABC 1972, rec. December, 1964
COLTRANE, John A Love Supreme Impulse/GRP GR-155 180 g, rec. December, 1964
COLTRANE, John A Love Supreme Impulse/Analoge Production A-77 45-RPM/2LP, rec. December, 1964
COLTRANE, John John Coltrane Quartet Plays Impulse/Analoge Production A-85 45-RPM/2LP, rec. February, 1965, released in August 1965
COLTRANE, John One Down, One Up Impulse B0002380-01 180 g / 2LP, rec. March/April/May, 1965
COLTRANE, John Transition Impulse AS-9195 rec. May/June, 1965
COLTRANE, John Ascension Impulse/GRP A-95 Stereo Reissue, rec. June, 1965
COLTRANE, John New Thing at Newport w/ Archie Shepp Impulse A-94 rec. July 2, 1965
COLTRANE, John Coltrane Quartet & Quintet in Europe Jazz Connoisseur (Italian) JC 112 Mono Baden-Baden Germany, 1961 & Pursuance from Antibes, 1965
COLTRANE, John A Love Supreme: Live in Concert InGo (Italian) Eleven rec. Antibes, July 26, 1965
COLTRANE, John Live in Paris Affinity AFFD 24 Antibes & Salle Playel Jazz Festival, rec. July, 1965
COLTRANE, John Sun Ship Impulse/GRP IMP-167 rec. August, 1965
COLTRANE, John Sun Ship Impulse/RCA Dynaflex AS 9211 rec. August, 1965
COLTRANE, John The Complete Sun Ship Session Mosaic MRLP 3005 rec. August, 1965, 3 LP Box
COLTRANE, John First Meditations Impulse AS-9332 rec. September, 1965
COLTRANE, John Kulu Se Mama Impulse A 9106 Green Label, rec. June/October, 1965
COLTRANE, John Meditations Impulse A 9110 2nd, Black Label, RVG, rec. November 23, 1965
COLTRANE, John Cosmic Music Impulse A 9148 rec. February , 1966
COLTRANE, John Live at the Village Vanguard Again Impulse/GRP IMP-213 180 g, rec. May, 1966
COLTRANE, John Concert in Japan Impulse AS-9246-2 2-LP, rec. July, 1966
COLTRANE, John Stellar Regions Impulse/GRP IMP-169 180 g, rec. February 15, 1967
COLTRANE, John Interstellar Space Impulse ASD-9277 rec. February 22, 1967
COLTRANE, John Expression Impulse A-9120 rec. February 15/March 17, 1967
COREA, Chick Return to Forever ECM 1022
COREA/CIRCLE Circling In Blue Note BN-LA472-H1 rec. May, 1968 & April, 1970; Corea, Holland, Braxton
CIRCLE Paris Concert ECM ECM-2-1018 rec. February, 1971; Corea, Holland, Braxton, Altschul
DAMERON, Tadd Mating Call Prestige (Historical Series) 7745 Reissue of 1956 original
DANKO, Harold/REID, Rufus Mirth Song SunnySide Communication SSC 1001 rec. April, 1982
DAVIS, Miles The New Sound Prestige PRLP 10"
DAVIS, Miles Birth Of The Cool Capitol T1974
DAVIS, Miles Walkin' Acoustic Sounds/Prestige 7076 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Bags' Groove Acoustic Sounds/Prestige 7109 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Modern Jazz Giants Prestige/Acoustic Sounds 7150 180 g
DAVIS, Miles The Musing of Miles Prestige/Analogue Production 7007 45 RPM 2 LP
DAVIS, Miles Davis And Milt Jackson Quintet/Sextet Prestige/OJC 7034 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Miles Prestige 7014
DAVIS, Miles Workin' Prestige/Analogue Producttions 7166 180 g/ 45 RPM
DAVIS, Miles Steamin' Prestige 7200
DAVIS, Miles Relaxin' Prestige 7129 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Cookin' Analogue Productions APJ 021 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Round About Midnight Columbia PC40610 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Round About Midnight Columbia / Speakers Corner CL 949 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Miles Ahead Columbia Jazz Masterpiece 40784
DAVIS, Miles Lift to the Scaffold Fontana / Speakers Corner 660213
DAVIS/MONK At Newport Columbia PC 8978
DAVIS, Miles Milestones Columbia/MoFi MFSL 1-374 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Porgy and Bess Columbia Jazz Masterpiece CJ 40647 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Kind of Blue Columbia PC8163
DAVIS, Miles Kind of Blue - 50th Anniversary Columbia Columbia/Sony LP+CD+DVD
DAVIS, Miles Sketches of Spain Columbia/Classic Records CS8271 Quiex, 200 g
DAVIS, Miles Skatches of Spain Columbia PC8271 w/ Evens Gil
DAVIS, Miles Someday My Prince Will Come Columbia PC8456 .
DAVIS, Miles Someday My Prince Will Come Columbia/Analoge Production CS8456 45 RPM 2 LP
DAVIS, Miles Friday & Saturday Nights at the Blackhawks Columbia//IMPEX Records C2S 820 2LP
DAVIS, Miles At Carnegie Hall Columbia PC8612 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Quiet Nights Columbia PC8906 w/ Evens Gil, 1974 Reissue
DAVIS, Miles Seven Steps to Heaven Columbia PC8851
DAVIS, Miles Seven Steps to Heaven ColumbiaAnaloge Production CS8851 45 RPM 2 LP
DAVIS, Miles In Europe Columbia PC2183
DAVIS, Miles Live at Plugged Nickel - December 22-23, 1965 Klimt Records MJJ 349 LE 453/500, 5 LPs Box Set
DAVIS, Miles E.S.P. Columbia PC9150 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Miles Smiles. Columbia/Speakers Corner CS9401 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Filles de Kilimanjaro Columbia CS 9750 1967
DAVIS, Miles Neferetiti Columbia/Sony: Legacy Vinyl 8697-40412-1 180 g
DAVIS, Miles In a Silent Way Columbia/Sony: Legacy Vinyl 8697-40415-1 180 g
DAVIS, Miles Bitches Brew Columbia/Sony: Legacy Vinyl 8697-40407-1 180 g, 2 LP
DAVIS, Miles At Filmoree Columbia 30038 1970 2 LP
DAVIS, Miles Jack Johnson MFSL MFSL 1-440 1971
DAVIS, Miles Jack Johnson Columbia WKC30455 1971
DAVIS, Miles Live- Evil Columbia/4Man with Beards 4M809 180 g, 2 LP
DAVIS, Miles Star People Columbia/CBS 38657 1983
DAVIS, Miles Man With the Horn Columbia PC36790
DAVIS, Miles Tutu Warner Bros 9254901 1986
DI MEOLA, Al Casino Columbia PC35277
DOLPHY, Eric The Berlin Concerts Inner City 3017 August 30, 1961, 2 LP
DOLPHY, Eric Out to Lunch! Blue Note 4163
DORHAM, Kenny 'Round About Midnight at Cafe Bohemia Blue Note\Music Matters 1524 45 RPM 2 LP
DORHAM, Kenny Quiet Kenny New Jazz\Analoge Production 8225 45 RPM 2 LP
DORHAM, Kenny Whistle Stop Blue Note\Analoge Production 84063 45 RPM 2 LP
DORHAM, Kenny Una Mas Blue Note 4127 Recent reissue
DOUGLAS, Dave Be Still DropCards AGRL 1029 w/ Aoife O'Donovan
ELLINGTON, Duke Blues in Orbit Columbia/Classic Records CS8241 200 g
ELLINGTON, Duke Jazz Party in Stereo Columbia/Classic Records SC8127 200 g
ELLINGTON/ HODGES Back to Back Verve/Clasic Records MG VS-6055 200 g
ELLINGTON, Duke Piano in the Background Columbia/Classic Records SC 8346 200 g
ELLINGTON, Duke Piano in the Foreground Columbia/Classic Records SC 8829 200 g
ELLINGTON, Duke The Nutcracker Suite Columbia/Pure Analogue SC 8341 180g
ELLINGTON, Duke Recording Together First Time Roullette/Classic Records RUL 52074Q 200 g
ELLINGTON, COLTRANE Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Impulse AUNJ 9077 Japanese Pressing / 200 g
ELLINGTON, Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins Impulse/Speakers Corner AS-26
ELLINGTON, MINGUS, ROACH Money Jungle United Artists /Classic Records 15017 200 g
ELLINGTON, Duke Far East Suite RCA/Dynagroove LSP-3782 180 g
ELLINGTON, Duke/BROWN, Ray This One's For Blanton Pablo 2310-721
ELLINGTON/ ARMSTRONG The Great Reunion Roullette/Classic Records RUL 52103Q 200 g
EVANS, Bill New Jazz Conceptions Riverside OJC-025 (RLP223)
EVANS, Bill Everybody Digs Bill Evans Riverside/Analogue Production RLP 1129/ 45 RPM 2 LP
EVANS, Bill Portrait in Jazz Riverside/OJC OJC-088
EVANS, Bill Explorations Riverside AJAZ 9351 45 RPM 2 LP (RTI WL Test Pressing)
EVANS, Bill Sunday at the Village Vanguard Riverside/Analogue Production PLP 9376/OJC OJC-140 180 g
EVANS, Bill Waltz for Debby Analogue Productions APJ 009 180 g
EVANS, Bill The Blues and the Abstract Truth Impulse IMP-154
EVANS, Bill Empathy (w/ Monty Budwig) Speakers Corner/Verve V6-8497 180 g
EVANS, Bill Moonbeans Riverside/Analogue Production APJ-434 180 g
EVANS, Bill How my Heart Sings! Original Jazz Classic OJC-369
EVANS, Bill How My Hearth Sings Analogue Productions AJAZ 9473 45 RPM 2 LP
EVANS, Bill Trio '65 Verve/ORG V6-8613/142 45 RPM 2 LP
EVANS, Bill Undercurrent Douglas Collection UAS 5640
EVANS, Bill Interplay Riverside/Analogue Productions AJAZ 9445 180 g / 45 RPM
EVANS. Bill At Shelly's-Mane Hall Riverside/Analogue Productions AJAZ 9487 180 g / 45 RPM
EVANS, Bill Since We Met Original Jazz Classic OJC-522
EVANS, Bill You Must Believe in Spring Warner Bros XHS 3504
EVANS, Bill Top of the Gate Resonance Records AHLP-9012 w/ Gomez, Morell 1968, 180g 45RPM
EVANS, Bill With Tony Bannett Analog Production Apr-04
EVANS, Bill We Will Meet Again Warner Bros XHS 3411
EVANS, Gil Live at Sweet Basil Gramavision 18-8610-1
EVANS, Gil Out of Cool Impulse/ORG IMP-4
EVANS, Gil Out of Cool MCA Impulse 5653
EVANS, Gil The Individualism of Gil Evans Verve/Speakers Corner V6-8555
EVANS, Gil New Bottle Old Wine Pure Analoque 1011 180 g
FITZGERALD, Ella Collection :R 24043
FITZGERALD, Ella Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie Verve/Classic Records V/V6-4053 200 g
FLANAGAN / COLTRANE The Cats New Jazz 8217
FRISELL, Bill Good Dog, Happy Man Nonsuch 79536-1 180 g
GARLAND, Red Trio Groovy Analogue Productions/Prestige 7113 180 g/ 45 RPM
GETZ, Stan Stan Getz & Gilberto Verve 2304 071 Antonio Carlos Jobim
GETZ, Stan/BAKER, Chet Stan Meets Chet Verve/ORG MGV - 8263/ORG 014 180 g / 45 RPM, 2 LP
GETZ, Stan Getz Plays Universal Records - Japan MGN - 1042 AUNG 9065
GORDON, Dexter Dexter Calling Blue Note/Analogue Productions 84083 45-RPM, 2 LP
GORDON, Dexter Go Blue Note/Analogue Productions 84112 45-RPM, 2 LP
GORDON, Dexter One Flight Up Blue Note/Cisco 84176
GRAPPELLI, Stephane Joe Pass (In Denmark) Pablo Live 23080220
GRAPPELLI, Stephane I Remember Django Black Lion BLP 30101 Barney Kessel
HADEN, Charlie None But the Lonely Heart Naim LP 079 w/ Chris Anderson
HADEN, Charlie Heartplay Naim LP 101 w/ Antonio Forcione
HALL, Jim Concierto CTI/Pure Pleasure PPAN 6080
HARDEN,Wilburn/COLTRANE Wells Fargo Doxy DOX824 org. Savoy 12127
HENCOCK, Herbie Takin' Off Blue Note/Analogue Production 84109 45-RPM, 2 LP
HENCOCK, Herbie Empyrean Isle Blue Note/Analogue Production 84175 45-RPM, 2 LP
HENCOCK, Herbie Maiden Voyage Blue Note/Analogue Production 84195 45-RPM, 2 LP
HARTMAN, Johnny I just Dropped to Day Hello !mpulse/ORG A-57 45-RPM, 2 LP
HAYNES, Roy Out of the Afternoon Impulse AS-23
HAYNES, Roy Love Letters Eighty-Eights EES 7009 Japanese Pressing
HENDERSONS, Joe Page One Blue Note/Analogue Production 84140 45-RPM, 2 LP
HENDERSONS, Joe Inner Urge Blue Note/Analogue Production 84189 45-RPM, 2 LP
HILL, Andrew BlackFire Blue Note/Univerlal ST-8451 75
HODGES, Johny With Billy Strayhorn and His Orchestra Verve/Analogue Production V6-8452 45-RPM, 2 LP, rec. 1961
HOLLIDAY, Billie Lady Sings the Blues Verve 2304 124
HUBBARD, Freddie The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard Impulse/Analogue Production AS-27 45-RPM, 2 LP, rec. 1962
HUBBARD, Freddie The Body & Soul Speakers Corner/Impulse IMP 38 180 g
JARRETT, Keith Facing You ECM ECM 1017 ST
JARRETT, Keith In the Light ECM ECM 1033/34 2 LP
JARRETT, Keith The Koln Concert ECM ECM 1064/1065 2 LP
JARRETT, Keith Standards Live ECM ECM 1317
JARRETT, Keith Still Live ECM ECM 2 LP
JOBIM, Antonio Carlos Wave A&M Records 3002
JOBIM, Antonio Carlos A Certain Mister Pickwick SHM 3032
JONES, Etta Something Nice Prestige 7194
JONSON, Budd Mr Bechet Black&Blue/Pure Pleasure PPAN006 180 g
KELLY, Wynton Kelly Blue Riverside/Analogue Productions AJAZ 1142 180 g / 45 RPM
KOMEDA, Krzysztof Asigmatic Muza XL0298 150g
KUHN, Steve Trio Baubles, Bangles And Beads Venus VHJD-2 200g
LA4 Watch What Happens Concord Jazz CJ-63 .
LA4 Just Friends Concord Jazz/Groove Note GRV1016-1 180 g / 45 RPM
LACY, Steve The Straight Horn Candid Records/Pure Pleasure 9007 .
LACY, Steve Raps Adelphi Jazz AD 5004 rec. 1977
LACY/RUDD/MENGELBERG/BENNK Regeneration Soul Note SN 1054 rec. 1983
LLOYD, Charles Discovery! Columbia CS 9067 180 g
MANHATTAN Transfer Pastiche Atlantic KSD19163
MARSALIS Fathers & Sons     CBS/Columbia 7464-37972-1
MARSALIS/NELSON Willie Two Men With The Blues    Blue Note 50999 5 04454 1 7 180 g/ 2 LP
METHENY, Pat Rejoicing EMC 1271 Haden, Charlie
METHENY, Pat Day Trip/Tpkyo Day Trip Live Nonesuch 519237-1 McBride + Sanchez, 3 LP
MINGUS, Charles Pithecanthropus Erectus Atlantic 1237 180 g
MINGUS, Charles The Clown Atlantic 1260 180 g
MINGUS, Charles Jazz Portraits United Artists UAL 4036 Recorded at Nonagon Gallery
MINGUS, Charles Blues & Roots Atlantic 1305 180 g
MINGUS, Charles Ah Um Columbia/Legacy Vinyl LEG 33568 180 g
MINGUS, Charles Oh Yeah Atlantic/Rhino 1377 180 g
MINGUS, Charles The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady Impulse/Analogue Production A-35 180 g / 45 RPM
MINGUS, Charles Mingus, Mingus, Mingus Impulse/Analogue Production IMP 54 180 g
MOBLEY, Hank A Slice of the Top Blue Note 33582
MOBLEY, Hank Soul Station Blue Note 46528 180 g
MOBLEY, Hank Roll Call Blue Note / Classic Records 4058 200 g
MONK, Thelonious Plays Duke Ellington Riverside/OJC RLP-201/OJC-024
MONK, Thelonious Brilliant Corners Riverside RLP 12-226 180 g rec. December 1956
MONK, Thelonious Monk's Music Jazz Wax Records 4506 180 g DMM
MONK, Thelonious With John Coltrane Jazzland JLP 46 180 g
MONK, Thelonious Tokyo Concert Columbia C232892 2 LP
MONK, Thelonious Straight, No Chaser Columbia PC9451
MONK, Thelonious Monk Columbia CS 9091 180 g
MONK, Thelonious Quartet Plus Two at the Blackhawk Riverside 1171
MONK, Thelonious Misterioso Riverside/Analogue Productions AJAZ 1133 180 g / 45 RPM
MONK, Thelonious In Tokyo Express/Toshiba EMI ETJ-60006
MONK, Thelonious Who's Afraid Of The Big Band? Columbia/CBS KG 32892 2 LP
MONK/COLTRANE Live at Carnegie Hall Mosaic 231 200 g
MORGAN, Lee The Sidewinder Blue Note 46137 180 g
MORGAN, Lee Indeed! Blue Note 1538
MORGAN, Lee The Cooker Blue Note/Classic Records 1578 200 g
MORGAN. Lee Tom Cat Blue Note 1058
MULLIGAN/WEBSTER Gerry Meets Ben Verve/Speakers Corner VER 6104 180 g
PEPPER, Art Plus Eleven Contemporary CR S7568
PEPPER, Art Pepper Meets the Rhytm Section Analogue Productions AAPJ 010 180 g
PEPPER, Art Today OJC/Galaxy OJC474/GXY-5119
REDMAN, Joshua Quartet Mood Swing Nonesuch 45643-1 2 LP
ROACH, Max The Max Roach 4 Plays Charlie Parker Mercury/Special Collector Series Jazz TLP-5574 .
RODNEY, Red 1957 Xanadu Records S 1206
ROLLINS, Sonny Vol. 2 Blue Note/Analogue Productions 1558 180 g / 45 RPM
ROLLINS, Sonny Tenor Madness Prestige LP 7047
ROLLINS, Sonny Saxophone Colossus Prestige/Analogue Productions LP 707+ 180 g
ROLLINS, Sonny The Sound of Sonny Riverside/Analogue Productions RLP 12-241 180 g / 45 RPM
ROLLINS, Sonny Way Out West Analogue Productions AAPJ 008 180 g
ROLLINS, Sonny The Bridge RCA/Classic Records LSP 2527Q 180 g Reissue
ROWLES/GETZ, Jimmie The Peacocks CBS 82217 rec. 1977
RIVERS, Sam/HOLLAND, Dave Vol. 2 Improvising Artists 37.38.48 rec. February 18, 1976
RUDD, Roswell Inside Job Arista AL 1029 rec. 1976
Saint Germain Tourist Blue Note 7243 5 25114 1 9 180 g
SELLANI (Renato) TRIO My Foolish Heart Venus VEN 0003 200 g
SHEPP, Archie Attica Blues Impulse AS-9222 Red/Black 1971 label
SHEPP, Archie Monterux One Arista AL 1027 rec. July 18, 1975
SHEPP, Archie/PARLAN, Horace Goin' Home Steeple Chase SCS-1079 180 g, rec. Denmark, April 25, 1977
SHEPP, Archie Tray of Silver Denon XYZ-7806-ND rec. Japan, April 11. 1979
SHEPP, Archie/PARLAN, Horace Trouble in Mind Steeple Chase SCS-1139 180 g, rec. Denmark, February 6, 1980
SHEPP, Archie/NIELS-HENNING/PEDERSEN Looking at Bird Steeple Chase SCS 1149 rec. Denmark, February 7, 1980
SHEPP, Archie Soul Song Enja 4050 rec. Germany. December 1, 1982
SHORTER, Wayne Night Dreamer Blue Note 84173 180 g / 45 RPM
SHORTER, Wayne Juju Blue Note 84182 180 g / 45 RPM
SHORTER, Wayne Speak No Evil Blue Note 46509
SHORTER, Wayne The Soothsayer Blue Note/Music Matters 509990-82096-1-0 / LT 988 180 g / 45 RPM 2LP
SIMONE, Nina At Town Hall 4 Men With Beards 4M129 180 g
SIMONE, Nina Sings Billie Holiday's Blues Get Back/Jazz Series GET2022 Italian Pressing
SIMONE, Nina Sings the Blues Dynagroove/Speakers Corner LSP-3789 180 g
TAYLOR, Cecil The World of Cecil Taylor Candid 9006 rec. October 12/13, 1960
TAYLOR, Cecil What's New Freedom ITC 28 487-7 U rec. November 23, 1962
TAYLOR, Cecil Conquistador! Blue Note (French) BST 84260 rec. 1966
TAYLOR, Cecil Indent Arista AL 38 rec. March. 1973
TAYLOR, Cecil Silent Tongues Arista AL 1005 rec. live at Montreux, 1974
TURRENTINE, Stanley Up at Minton's Blue Note\Music Matters ST-84070 45-RPM, 2 LP
TYNER, McCoy Inceptions Impulse/Analogue Production A-18 45-RPM, 2 LP